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Interior Film BODAQ 

BODAQ is a decorative film with adhesive that is applicable  on site. 

Recreate your world with BODAQ. It is an ideal way to finish many environments on site with little or no down time. BODAQ is used extensively for interior applications such as Hotels, corporate lobbies and elevators as well as exterior applications.
With its light weight and minimal thickness, BODAQ is a popular choice for cruise ship interiors.
BODAQ offers hundreds of patterns including solid color, abstract drawings and natural material replications such as wood and stone. BODAQ’s original pressure sensitive adhesive ensures clean, fast installation on a variety of replication such as wood and stone. BODAQ’s original pressure sensitive adhesive ensures clean, fast installation on a variety of substrates. With its superior flexiblility, BODAQ can be installed on highly detailed and 3D surfaces.

Product Structure
BODAQ is a printed film with adhesive
            1. Emboss & printed film layer
(vinyl-chloride plastic)
             2. Simplified adhesive (acrylic plastic)
             3. Release paper  

The above is a representative structure of BODAQ. The actual structures and materials may be slightly different for each series.

Easy to install with Airbubble control

BODAQ is applied using an Acryli  type adhesive, which has an adhesive surface with grid grooves for air-bleeding Airbubbles between the film and the substrate.
The Airbubbles are released along these grooves, enabling the film to be quickly and easily affixed to large or complex surfaces. This provides a higher quality finish.

Facilitates the release of air when the film is affixed, enabling easy application to large or complex surface.

Air bleeding Structure


We pay attention to nature
Hyundai L&C’s BODAQ is an eco-friendly film that care about healthy environment.

  • Free from harmful heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, etc)
  • Formaldehyde (HCHO), the substance that causes sick house syndrome, is not released.
  • Minimized release of volatile organic compounds (TVOC, toluene, etc) 
  • It meets the safety standard (KF mark standard) applied to wallpaper and paperboard.
  • Meets the safety requirements for hazardous chemicals in the Common Safety Standards of Children’s Products.
  • Excellent antimicrobial and anti-mold function, which helps to maintain a pleasant surrounding environment.

‘Hazardous chemicals’ criteria for the Common Safety Standards for Children’s Product


We pay attention to Safety
BODAQ is a safe interior film that can be used in any environment with excellent flame retardancy and quality stability.

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