BODAQ (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Greeting  from C.E.O.

Interior Film was first produced by Hyundai L&C in 1989.    Since then, I have more than 30 years of experience in interior film sales including working in Hyundai L&C for 20years.      BODAQ (Thailand) has been on sale since 2008 as the first interior film stock selling company in Thailand and we are supplying to Korea’s leading companies in Thailand such as Samsung, LG, Hanwha and other major Thai companies have chosen BODAQ move in with wide popularity in the Thai interior market.    

BODAQ is the brand of Hyundai Interior Film of Hyundai Group Korea with worldwide sales of 30,000KM/year which is world’s biggest manufacturer of interior film and BODAQ (Thailand) has No. 1 market share in Thailand interior film market.

We have    ‘One Stop Service’    for Thailand customers.    Our    ‘One Stop Service’    is a stable stock supply, quality certification, installation service, after-sales service (A/S) and related products supplying such as BODAQ Primer, Special Cutter , Sheep hair hera  etc.

We thanks for our all customers to use Hyundai interior film BODAQ to customer’s interior space.    We will continue to grow with our customers to meet the needs and satisfaction of our Thailand clients.

Young Tae Kim, C.E.O.



1990 Graduated Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Dept. of Thai, Business Administration, Seoul, Korea
1991 Studied Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Commerce and Accounting, Bangkok, Thailand
 1992~1993 Hanwha Chemical Corp.,  Poly Ethylene Sales Team, Seoul, Korea
1993~1994 Hanwha Chemical Corp.,  International Business Team, Seoul, Korea
1994~2000 Hanwha L&C Corp.,  Film & Sales Team (Export Manager), Seoul, Korea
2001~2006 Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (General Manager),  Samutprakarn, Thailand
2007~2008 Hanwha L&C Corp., Film & Sheet Sales Team (Export Group Leader), Seoul, Korea
2009~ BODAQ (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (C.E.O.), Bangkok, Thailand
2018~ Hanwha L&C  Corp., changed name to Hyundai L&C according to Hyundai Group’s takeover

Hyundai Group

The Hyundai Group spent most of its history operating as one of South Korea’s largest conglomerates. The group displayed spectacular growth since its founding in 1947 and its rapid expansion to a point where its interests included car manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding and department store reflected the achievement attained during South Korea’s economic miracle.

Hyundai L&C

Hyundai L&C Introduction Video

Hyundai Group is one of the largest  in South Korea.   Hyundai L&C produces various kinds of interior and construction materials including interior film BODAQ.    Hyundai L&C has been producing interior film BODAQ since 1989 and has ranked 1st place in the world.   So far, BODAQ has sold over 30,000,000 meters per year in the worldwide.

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